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From Job Searching to Being Active in the Field

In one week I finalized my freelance strategy, started a part-time job for steady income, and began volunteering. The schedule is much more hectic, but so much more fulfilling. One of the first things people tell you about freelancing is that you should not quit your day job because lining up clients is a slow […]

When is the best time to attend college?

Frank Bruni, author and New York Times columnist, spoke on the Wisconsin Public Radio’s Kathleen Dunn Show yesterday about his newest book and how high school might be too early for many young people to make lifelong decisions. You can listen here. I feel lucky that I caught this show yesterday because it hits on the topic […]

Education to Employment Skills Gap

Education to Employment Skills Gap

Are your education and experiences providing you with the right skills for the career you want? Until you officially start your job search for post-graduation employment, you don’t really know what employers expect from you. Professors and advisers will do their best to prep you, but even they won’t have all the answers. The Association of […]

Three Steps Towards a Career

My career search has now lasted three months, plus the few building block months prior to graduation. I may still be unemployed, but I learn more with each portfolio revision or interview scored. Below are a few tips that I’ve gathered from my adviser and some extensive reading on how to land a great career.