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From Job Searching to Being Active in the Field

In one week I finalized my freelance strategy, started a part-time job for steady income, and began volunteering. The schedule is much more hectic, but so much more fulfilling.

One of the first things people tell you about freelancing is that you should not quit your day job because lining up clients is a slow process, and getting paid takes even longer. Unfortunately, I had no choice to give up my day job. I was not fired. I was a “student worker”, now graduated, and my employer could only financially support current students. Thus, I began my search for a career that suited all the knowledge and abilities gained in the past two to ten years.

The search dulled my brain, but made me very proficient at skimming company profiles and position qualifications, as well as writing cover letters and picking what parts of my resume were best highlighted for each job. I even organized my writing samples in a way that I could slap them into a document when asked.

Then, the idea of freelancing came to me. Suddenly I felt on fire again, and began setting up shop where prospective clients could see how I can help them become more visible to their audiences through social media and other content.

One thing led to another and now I have my freelance strategy and portfolio set up and waiting for me to send proposals, plus I started a part-time job and volunteering. The volunteer work is specifically for staying up to par in the communications field while helping out a local non-profit.

My brain is much more stimulated now, and I am excited to once again be active in my field. Was it a mistake to simply be in search mode for two months after graduation? I think it was a poor strategy, and did nothing to spark my passion.

Being active and involved is a much better way to stay motivated while searching for your perfect career, your niche, or just your passion.


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