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Live to work, work to live: I could be my own employer

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Christmas and the New Year have passed, and I am ready to barrel right into 2016. My motivation is not a New Year’s resolution, but an epiphany I had while preparing for the holidays. As busy as my life was before December, it got even crazier with having to add shopping trips, wrapping, dishes to pass, decorating, cleaning the guest room, and so on. Yet, everything was finished, wrapped up and topped with bows. Life in holiday hyper-drive showed me that I can accomplish lofty goals in an already full daily schedule. Like with all projects, I just need to prioritize.

In 2015, I didn’t get a job in my chosen field, but my family now has a tiny extra body. This tiny person, as they tend to do, has changed my perspective on work. I never wanted to be fully financially dependent on anyone, though my husband brings in the bulk of our income. I have always contributed as much as I can, and that will probably never change about me. Last month I realized another piece of my own independence – that I don’t want to rely on others for my time, either.

As I was putting my available hours to work at my current employment (a cashier – something I felt obligated to take as I hadn’t been hired in my chosen field of strategic communications), I felt grateful that the company allows me this option but still a tad defiant. Suddenly, I didn’t want to be told when to “put my time in.” There is a growing part of me that wants to work throughout each day as I live my life, not to simply afford my life. I want my work integrated into my daily routine, to live it, rather than having life with a side of work or vice versa.

Last year I tried a bit of freelancing. It didn’t work out, and I learned from it. I will try again this year with a new attitude. I have read that being your own boss is a 24/7 job, but I want to taste it myself. I will write. I will find clients. I will go knocking for these opportunities.


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