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Standing in my own way

Standing in my own way: I question my motivation as a writer and a parent

My husband and I recently hired a babysitter so that I could get back on track with my [potential] career in strategic communications. The sitter officially started last week. This week’s initial session was cancelled because Baby was sick, so we rescheduled for a session today and Sitter was sick. Thankfully, the child naps and doesn’t always mind playing without much interaction from me, so I wrote this post.

Since having a child, I’ve struggled getting back on board with my career goals. Obviously priorities shift when a person becomes a parent, but I think my biggest problem is me. I know I have the skills to research, write, edit, and design content. What I now seem to lack is self-assurance in me and my family situation.

Would an employer trust me to get my work done outside of the office?

To start out, I’d be a physically absent employee or freelance writer. My husband and I opted out of daycare because the costs would eat up one of our paychecks, making the earned income pointless. Since I stay home with our child at least four out of seven days of the week when my husband is working, I need the flexibility to work mostly from home. Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’d rather work as I live my life rather than simply “putting in my time.”

Can I buckle down and create content with any extra time I’m given?

The job I took while pregnant does nothing to bolster my writing or creative skills, so my experience in the field is limited to my past and what I can currently do on my own between working and caring for the little guy. Eventually, I want to earn enough money with content writing or editing that I will no longer need my current job, but I need it for the paycheck right now.

Let’s face it, though – kids are distracting. Baby is cute, so I like talking to him even when he’s playing on his own. The only time I can really write while he’s around is when he’s napping or really wrapped up in his own playtime. This is where Sitter comes in… just not this week. With her, I have a little extra time to truly focus on my work.

Will I find clients who have no time to create impressive material themselves?

Of course, I can’t just type away, assuming there are recruiters of the blogging world. No. By somehow adding hours to the restricted 24-hour day, I should connect with people – in real life. I need to find organizations that need a writer, an editor, someone to post noteworthy content on their social media accounts or in their newsletters.

Will I stop creating excuses and getting in my own way?

Motherhood takes up time and energy, but others have built a career and a family. Creating content and finding clients are also time consuming. These are the things I love to do – being with my family and writing (among a few other things). If I want the career, I need to find or make the time for it. There is no room for excuses, even when the babysitter cancels or the house chores and other projects beckon me.


I list daily goals for myself all the time. (I have a weekly planner, a whiteboard with my “to do” list, and sometimes even an evolving list on my phone background.) I’ve slowly started adding blog goals to the “to do.” Is my career more important than our laundry? Probably. I would like to think my sanity is more important than laundry. Thus, it is necessary that I push myself to get out there and build my career. I’ll thank myself when I can quit my day job.


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