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Today I will take control of my career.

lets start

Are you a self-starter? I used to self-proclaim as a self-starter until I tried starting something big for myself. It turns out I’m great at working independently, but not very good at knowing where to start if there’s no initial assignment. No one was telling me what to write or giving me a deadline, so I wrote very sporadically and agonized over the focus of my blog and how to get clients while being embarrassed of my lack of recent progress. I kept scaring myself out of a career.

Believe it or not, a quote – the inspirational posters of the World Wide Web – made me realize that I was expecting my career to happen over night. I don’t remember the quote, but its impression was lasting: Success happens with one decision, one action at a time. It may take time to get a paid gig, but that’s better than never trying because of fear and indecision.

Today starts my first official eight hours that I can work solely on my goal of being a freelance content writer. In just a few extra hours a week, I should be able to organize my online presence and get a strategy together before reaching out to potential clients.

I had to accept that I needed time set aside to make this career happen. I had to accept that I can’t set up a freelancing gig in less than a week while working elsewhere and being a mom and wife. Most importantly, I had to accept that the big decisions will never be made if I don’t make them myself.

Have you overcome a hurdle before accomplishing a life goal? What was it and what did you do about it? Comment below and perhaps your story will motivate others and myself as we work to attain our dreams.


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