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My Inner Salesperson

Everyone is selling something in these days of social media glory, whether it’s their hand-crafted jewelry or their start-up business. Facebook pages are full of art, cupcakes and Tupperware. People hire themselves out for side jobs. Instagram and Twitter feeds gain virtual stardom with thousands of followers. We are in the age of self-promotion and everyone has become a salesperson.

After graduating with my first degree in marketing, I resented only being offered sales positions. I thought, “I’m not an oily salesperson. I want to be a snazzy marketing professional!” My narrow view of sales (and marketing) kept me from seeing a much bigger picture. We all have something to sell, and a competent salesperson will go much further than someone who only slightly cares about what they’re doing with their life.

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More than one of my instructors had encouraged the other students and me to “sell ourselves” in our cover letters, resumes and interviews. I tried my best to sell myself on paper so that I could sell myself face-to-face in an actual interview, but I never realized that it doesn’t end there. I have yet to have a job that didn’t require selling something, whether it’s the ideas of a non-profit or a hot sandwich at a gas station. As a freelance content writer, I’ll have to sell myself 24/7, and I believe I am currently selling myself short.

Sometime in my marketing/writing hiatus, I forgot the basics of a good sale. Where is my pitch? What exactly is my product (or service)? How will I promote my services? Just saying that I write “content” doesn’t tell people anything. Telling people what I can do isn’t exactly the most efficient lead creation. My blog and Facebook should not be my only promotional vehicles. I need to be my promotional vehicle. I need to embrace my inner salesperson.

Selling my social media management, writing, and marketing materials creation services will be my next business goal. If I want to be successful, I need to work it.


One comment on “My Inner Salesperson

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