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Normal and the Power of Suggestion

I keep wondering what my life would be like if I hadn’t fallen into the “normal” trap. I call it a trap because so many people are unhappy. I know I’m confused as to how it happened so easily in my life. Despite the lack of contentment, people who advise the next generation’s biggest life decisions […]

Remember Me

I finally did some advertising of my own on Google AdWords. I received an email yesterday confirming that my ad was visible, but thought nothing of it the rest of the day. I honestly didn’t expect such instant results as I am starting off with a very low cost ceiling. My blog had 13 views […]

Messing with My Marketing Mix

Messing with My Marketing Mix

Selling Myself As a novice freelancer, I am getting plenty of surprises or, uh, learning opportunities. My first meeting with a lead taught me not to consult, for instance, because then they had my advice and considered the knowledge more powerful than someone to do the work for them. Once I did get a paid […]