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Remember Me

I finally did some advertising of my own on Google AdWords. I received an email yesterday confirming that my ad was visible, but thought nothing of it the rest of the day. I honestly didn’t expect such instant results as I am starting off with a very low cost ceiling. My blog had 13 views yesterday. Although it wasn’t anything spectacular, it was yet another reminder to get on my A-game. 

Now I am feeling guilty for being inconsistent on my own blog. Maybe advertising on a whim wasn’t the greatest move, but I was curious!

I am quite active for my client, but I need to remember that nobody sees that when they visit my portfolio here. Focusing only on my current client won’t increase my profit, however, and I should probably find time to reach out to others whether it’s through the blog or writing proposals.

I see some late nights and caffeine in my near future.

In the meantime, while I re-establish my own initiatives, I apologize for the inconsistent posting.


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