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Living, Writing, Loving It

I admit that I go M.I.A. from this site all too often. It’s just that I’m living the life that I want, but have very little time for extra stuff. Extra stuff includes promoting my skills online. I really do want to write more about my experience. Really!

So, here’s an update –

I started advertising and sending out proposals, oh I don’t know, mid-summer. Not long after starting to use LindedIn’s Profinder, I hooked a job! A real job, complete with a W-2 and everything. It was supposed to be a freelancing gig, but hey, I don’t mind another company doing tax math for me. Also, my new employment could easily lead to more clients.

I still have my client who gave me a chance starting May this year. I am learning a lot and getting to test my skills at online advertising. I have always been able to write the content, but I fully manage his ad campaigns right now.

My newest client gives me all the projects I love doing – a little bit of writing, a little bit of layout, and quite a bit of design. We’re a great match!

Just these two clients take up all of my available work time, but I am trying to find more work time in the midst of real life.

My husband and I are taking a break from our steady jobs this month (September) to work on stuff we like. He has a list of homeowner projects, and I will be trying to decide if I want to risk going for more freelancing gigs. If I didn’t have the steady job, I would be able to fit in one more freelancing project a week. However, that employer is fantabulous – easy job, works with my availability, profit sharing, great work environment, and I can always ask for more hours if my writing projects start drying up.

LOVE being able to write/design/plan from home. Should I, Would I, Could I live off of the freelancing life? Do I have it in me? I want to decide by the end of the year! Help me out by giving me your advice or sharing stories of your own freelancing or side jobs!

Thanks for reading!

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