My Daily Struggles while Working From Home

work from home struggles, ATCW

I read several books and articles on the great opportunities and challenges in working from home. For me, it mainly comes down to distractions. If you’re like me, you have a grand number of things on your to-do list. That list keeps getting longer, and it always feels like I’ve only gotten the bare minimum accomplished.

Let me just state right now that this is not a self-help post. I have nothing for you, no advice to minimize or avoid distractions. Just reaching out, from one writer to anyone out there, to say that I am still working on being a successful entrepreneur.

My Distractions and Other Struggles:

  1. The House – Working from home makes it easy to get distracted by things within the home. I’m not talking about the people in the home (yet), but the chores. Does anyone else constantly have laundry, dishes, and dinner in the back of their minds? I know I need to differentiate work time from home time, and it is a constant struggle.
  2. The Family Members – My family lives where I work. I have an office that I can hide in, but sometimes my attention is needed and I can’t hide in the office all day. My son only goes to daycare twice a week, but often has to stay home because of some illness or another. He really envies my computer, which means I am often dividing my work between times my son wants my attention. I don’t blame him, and want to play with him, too! I also want a paycheck, so there’s that conflict. My husband does his best to let me get my work done, but he also has chores and projects between working full-time.
  3. My Mind – I have a growing to-do list as well as a list of projects that keep adding up in my bank of “Wish I Had Time For…”. I am ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT THESE LISTS. It’s a huge distraction. I do my best to contain these lists in an organized fashion. I have a whiteboard where I write my daily to-do lists and have a project list for each room in the house, just-in-case I find myself with extra time on my hands. I also have planner, fridge calendar, and online calendar. It all helps, but it’s no miracle cure for my lack of attention.
  4. My Energy – I cannot seem to stay up late with anything remotely close to good concentration anymore. I don’t know what happened, but I can no longer do late nights. Once my son goes to bed, my head and eyelids get heavy and I am ready for bed myself. I have forced myself to stay awake and work after my son’s bed time, but it’s a rare occurrence.
  5. My Naivete – I’m still new at having the reigns to my workload. Before deciding to become a work-from-home content writer, I took assignments from employers. I need to be my own boss now, and there is no delegating involved. My biggest work related to-do is to get at least one more client. I also want to keep myself up-to-date on my own content and skills. I need to carve out time for that, and I know deep down that I will get nowhere if I am not willing to take the initiative.

So, there they are – my biggest struggles. I get things done, and I am excellent at prioritizing. However, I am also a dreamer who has ambitions that go for miles. I don’t want to change that, but perhaps I need to keep them in check once in a while.



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