Challenge: Stay Current in Your Industry

Marketing opportunities constantly shift with the current trends in communication and consumer behavior. Thus, my fellow marketers and I must stay on top of our continued education. It’s a self-directed education for me, researching and reading about the markets and opportunities for each project.

As I was searching for interesting articles to share a couple weeks ago, I realized that it would be much easier if I could slim down my search to a few select sources. Up to this point, I had a long list of sources to check every other day or so. That’s a lot of tabs to open and potentially a lot of skimming. It’s even more tabs and skimming when my three other projects are added.

I don’t have that kind of time.

I decided to narrow down that list. A few organizations send me their newsletters already, but are they the best suited to my needs? What other blogs and newsletters have excellent material that I’m missing out on?

First things first, I needed to check out where other successful marketers go for their information. *Imagine several hours have passed.* Okay, I Googled and skimmed social media and clicked on ads that inevitably started popping up with the material I was seeking.


I gathered a list of blogs and other websites to check out. They’re all geared towards social media marketing and recommended by various other social media and/or marketing gurus. You choose your industry, look at what publications your gurus discuss or recommend, and sign up for the newsletters or updates.

This is the list of blogs I came up with that should give me useful reading material.

  1. Curata
  2. Marketing Insider Group
  3. Marketo
  4. DigitalMarketer
  5. Heinz Marketing
  6. Kapost
  7. Convince & Convert
  8. HubSpot Marketing Blog
  9. MaTech Advisor – Either I copied this one down incorrectly, or they no longer exist.
  10. MarketingProfs
  11. Bizible
  12. Terminus
  13. LeadMD
  14. Content Market Institute
  15. Contently
  17. Social Media Examiner
  18. Netline Marketing
  19. Hootsuite
  20. Simply Measured

Whoa. Twenty is a lot, and there were more. I thought I’d review them all, then choose who I want sending me stuff. Instead, I think I’m just going to go down the line and sign up for the first five, read them for a while, then move onto the next five, and so on.

Who or what do you read regularly? When do you find the time to read in a busy schedule?

Thanks for reading my blog!


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