I can code! A little.

*This post is in no way a html or css tutorial. The first few months after graduating, I looked for jobs that did not require website maintenance. I had learned marketing with a mix of writing and a little bit of graphic design. I did not learn how it all looks on the “unseen” parts […]

My Daily Struggles while Working From Home

My Daily Struggles while Working From Home

I read several books and articles on the great opportunities and challenges in working from home. For me, it mainly comes down to distractions. If you’re like me, you have a grand number of things on your to-do list. That list keeps getting longer, and it always feels like I’ve only gotten the bare minimum […]

Living, Writing, Loving It

I admit that I go M.I.A. from this site all too often. It’s just that I’m living the life that I want, but have very little time for extra stuff. Extra stuff includes promoting my skills online. I really do want to write more about my experience. Really! So, here’s an update – I started advertising […]

Remember Me

I finally did some advertising of my own on Google AdWords. I received an email yesterday confirming that my ad was visible, but thought nothing of it the rest of the day. I honestly didn’t expect such instant results as I am starting off with a very low cost ceiling. My blog had 13 views […]

My magical Christmas to his superficial holiday

Holidays take on a different meaning for everyone. It’s an individual response of built up experiences on certain days. Christmas is a week away. Last night my husband and I finally put lights on the small spruce that we picked out the Saturday before. I smiled and bounced a little as we each chose one ornament […]