Career Planning

Challenge: Stay Current in Your Industry

Marketing opportunities constantly shift with the current trends in communication and consumer behavior. Thus, my fellow marketers and I must stay on top of our continued education. It’s a self-directed education for me, researching and reading about the markets and opportunities for each project. As I was searching for interesting articles to share a couple […]

I can code! A little.

*This post is in no way a html or css tutorial. The first few months after graduating, I looked for jobs that did not require website maintenance. I had learned marketing with a mix of writing and a little bit of graphic design. I did not learn how it all looks on the “unseen” parts […]

Living, Writing, Loving It

I admit that I go M.I.A. from this site all too often. It’s just that I’m living the life that I want, but have very little time for extra stuff. Extra stuff includes promoting my skills online. I really do want to write more about my experience. Really! So, here’s an update – I started advertising […]

Time to Get Some Clients Through Proposals! Four ways to write a proposal.

I need to get more work, so I need to send out proposals to prospective clients. Here are four methods of writing a proposal that caught my eye.

Remember Me

I finally did some advertising of my own on Google AdWords. I received an email yesterday confirming that my ad was visible, but thought nothing of it the rest of the day. I honestly didn’t expect such instant results as I am starting off with a very low cost ceiling. My blog had 13 views […]

My Inner Salesperson

My Inner Salesperson

Everyone is selling something in these days of social media glory, whether it’s their hand-crafted jewelry or their start-up business. Facebook pages are full of art, cupcakes and Tupperware. People hire themselves out for side jobs. Instagram and Twitter feeds gain virtual stardom with thousands of followers. We are in the age of self-promotion and […]

The Case of the Missing Professional Identity

The Case of the Missing Professional Identity

Made using Our jobs make up a good part of our identity and pride. It’s one of the first things you ask about a person when getting to know them, yet many of us end up in a job that doesn’t mirror our professional goals. Personally, I feel torn whenever I talk about my […]