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Content Writing Services & Portfolio

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Content Writing Services

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Newsletters (content & design)
  • Editing
  • Advertisements (content & design)
  • Informational or Promotional Pamphlets & Brochures (content & design)
  • Fundraising (campaign planning and communications management)
  • Have another need in your communication strategy? Try me!

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Below is a a list of marketing, public relations and writing projects I have completed. If your business or organization would like increased public visibility or consumer engagement, and you like what you see from the examples, feel free to contact me at amber.thecontentwriter@gmail.com to discuss your business communication needs.

Farwell, Madison WI

Need: Marketing strategy & content creation
Request: Research and create a strong marketing strategy; content and campaign calendar
Audiences: Sizable businesses and organizations
Projects: With a few of my Farwell team members, I am working on a comprehensive marketing and communications plan. We have a content calendar up and running, an internal newsletter, blogs and other useful content aimed at all businesses going through change.

Wisconsin ACH Association (PAR/WACHA), Germantown WI

Need: Newsletter formatting; website content creation & editing
Request: Plug information and ads into weekly newsletter; create or edit content for website as needed
Audiences: Current & future members; Organizations in the payments industry, especially Financial Institutions
Projects: Each week I plug information into their e-newsletter with a circulation of about 2,650. As requested, I create ads or edit content within their website. We are currently organizing an advanced editorial and marketing strategy. Additionally, I have helped WACHA develop three successful business partnership proposals.

Sperling Law Offices LLC, Milwaukee WI

Need: Higher Google ranking; Increased online presence on par with competition
Request: Manage social media and write short blogs; strong SEO strategies
Audiences: Greater Milwaukee area residents; Wisconsin’s Latino community
Projects: I managed the blog, as well as their Facebook and Google Plus accounts. Their Facebook has caught more attention, and I am still working on getting their website higher on Google’s radar. In order to catch more people searching for Milwaukee lawyers, I also set up a Google AdWords campaign for the law office.

Sperling iconFind the blogs I wrote for them here.

Facebook of Sperling Law Offices LLC

Google Plus of Sperling Law Offices LLC

University of Wisconsin Department of Nutritional Sciences, Madison WI

Need: Increased visibility among larger departments of college
Request: Write a synthesis of the department highlighting the necessity of nutritional research. Include history, researchers, current programs, and department partnerships.
Audiences: Dean of college, potential benefactors, future students and faculty
Project: I interviewed as many faculty, staff and emeritus professors as possible to identify key details of the department. Then I researched the department’s history as well as their program statistics. The resulting 20-page booklet that I wrote and designed details the history, personnel and work of the department.
DNS Overview pic “UW Madison Nutritional Sciences: Making an Impact on Healthy Living”

“The synthesis tells the most accurate and complete story of the Department of Nutritional Sciences’ creation and history to date. This synthesis has since been used to inform donors through the University of Wisconsin Foundation, used as a basis to design our new website, and in department meetings to discuss historical relevance of department matters.”
– Scott Anderson,
Financial, Communication, and Facility Manager of UW DNS.

Ms. Heiden is pleasant, hardworking, and curious.  Her passion for writing and learning serves her well.
– Bill Omdahl,
Department Supervisor of UW DNS

Other Pieces for UW DNS: I also had three articles published in the Nutritional Sciences Digest and contributed to their Facebook page while working on the department synthesis.
Nutritional Digest Spring 2014 Nutritional Sciences Digest article #1 on page 2, “UW Alumna’s Research Could Lead to Obesity Prevention”

Nutritional Sciences Digest Fall 2014 Nutritional Sciences Digest articles #2 and #3 on pages 7 and 9, “Nutritional Sciences Seminar Series Features NIH Representative” and “The Dietetics and Nutrition Club Shares Their Passion for Health”

UW-Madison Department of Nutritional Sciences - Google Chrome 3182015 64644 PM.bmp I helped to manage the UW-Madison Department of Nutritional Sciences Facebook page during the summer of 2014, updating their followers with relevant information about department activities and industry news.

University of Wisconsin Organ and Tissue Donation, Madison WI

Needs: Presence on campus, Facts vs. Myths of organ donation, Register new heroes
Audience: Students
Projects: Information booths, video, Twitter, campus event
As a team, we coordinated informational booths to tell students why organ donation is vital to saving lives every day. In April 2014, we planned a larger campus event called Wall of Hope, which successfully captured the participation of hundreds of students. Aside from the events, we also posted content on the DottieDonorDot Twitter feed and I produced a video to share prior to our Wall of Hope event.
from UWHealth.org images for Dottie Donor Dot I produced this video for April Organ Donation Awareness Month to create buzz prior to the Wall of Hope event. The video tells the stories of people who have either been a recipient or have lost a loved one who then saved a life.

UWOTD Wall of Hope, 2014

The Wall of Hope encouraged hundreds of students on the UW-Madison campus, usually on a hurried mission between classes, to stop and pledge their name to the national donor registry.

Fair Wisconsin, Madison WI

Needs: Attendance at fundraisers, Member donations, Business-to-Business support
Audience: Members of the Fair Wisconsin donor circle, Businesses throughout Wisconsin
Projects: One of my first tasks was to research, write and schedule social media posts. More often I would be calling prior donors to tell them about Fair Wisconsin’s upcoming events in their area. For one such event I procured several items to auction off at a fundraiser, such as hotel stays, restaurant gift certificates and tickets to a museum.

“Her approach to strategic communications was highly professional. Amber has the skill set, accomplishments, and drive that will help your business or organization exceed its goals.”
– Breianna Hasenzahl-Reeder,
former Development Manager of Fair Wisconsin

Additional Samples

The following projects were not used for an actual business, but are listed as samples of my writing and strategic communications abilities.
mag layout pic Magazine Layout & Story: This is a profile/feature piece written about the man with UW-Madison’s architectural plan. I interviewed Mr. Gary Brown, wrote the story, and designed the layout.

Press Release Samples pic Heiden’s Press Release Samples is a compilation of press and news releases that I wrote as projects. They were not used by the businesses mentioned, but serve as an example of my writing.


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